The workshop “Technological innovation for water management in the urban and industrial context” is an ECCE “think tank” that aims at presenting innovative technologies adapted to various new challenges encountered in both the urban and industrial contexts. This workshop will foster new and ground breakthroughs and some case studies of their integration into practical progress by bringing together leading researchers and technologists of the field of water.

Access to affordable and safe water is a great global challenge due to growing population and urbanization. Only emerging new approaches can make cleaner water more accessible to all people while maintaining the natural balances of ecosystems. New and more efficient methodologies and technologies are required to develop the cities of the future and to solve the increasingly pressing environmental problems. In the workshop, a focus will be given on the problem of the micropollutants.

Today, water is increasingly recognized as a scarce and precious asset that is an essential component of enterprise sustainability and financial success. Taking the time to understand and build effective water-management strategies, to deploy demonstrated best practices, and to invest in innovative technical solutions can help companies in many industries convert water-management challenges into cialis pas cher opportunities for business success. In the workshop, a special attention will be brought to innovative technological solutions in the context of industries.

Also, wastewater water is a source of energy and valuable products (bioplastics, fertilizers, etc). The recovery and production of valuable products from aqueous streams represents an emerging challenge. One scope of the workshop is to create better “pipelines” from resource (“wastewater”) to the industries using the products.

The Program Committee relies on your participation at and input to this workshop.

The Workshop will be held on Monday 28 September (Eraoto room) and Tuesday 29 September 2 (Erato room and Gallieni 7 room)



    Etienne Paul – INSA Toulouse - France

    It will be held on Monday 28th September (Errato room) and Tuesday 29th September (Errato and Gallieni 7 rooms).



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