Process Intensification corresponds to one of the hottest topics in the chemical, petroleum and pharmaceutical industries of the last decade. It provides innovative principles and methods to enable sustainable product manufacturing and answer global competition, government regulation and social accountability. As a consequence, Process Intensification attracts more and more attention of the chemical engineering community.

 Process Intensification, with its ambition and ability to make processing plants substantially smaller, less capital-intensive, more selective, more energy-efficient & to lead to new products and businesses, addresses the fundamental sustainability issues of the process industries and is aligned with the core element of Green Chemical Engineering.

EPIC5 is the fifth Conference in the series of European Process Intensification Conferences that are held under the auspices of the EFCE Working Party on Process Intensification (WP PI). The previous EPIC conferences were held in Copenhagen (2007), Venice (2009), Manchester (2011) and The Hague (2013).

EPIC5 offers an excellent opportunity for academics, industrialists and technology providers to present the latest developments on Process Intensification and to communicate their present views and vision to the largest possible audience.

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