The European Society for Biochemical Engineering Sciences (ESBES) is a non-profit association, which was recently established. The ESBES society held its inaugural meeting on 21 April 2013 in Den Haag, Netherlands and is the successor body to the ESBES section of the European Federation of Biotechnology, which was established in 1995.

 ESBES is a membership body and open to European professional, scientific and technical societies, teaching, research and development institutions and other organisations concerned with the biochemical engineering sciences. The object of the society is to promote co-operation in Europe between non-profit-making professional scientific and technical societies for the general advancement of biochemical engineering sciences and as a means of furthering the development of biochemical engineering sciences. ESBES gathers members from Academia and Industry in active collaboration in different fields of applied BioSciences, Biochemical Engineering, Biotechnology, and Bioengineering enforcing advances in the several related engineering topics.

The founding societies are DECHEMA (Germany), IChemE (UK), and SFGP (France) and current membership figures are hover the 1.500 mark. ESBES is establishing links with several bodies and a partnership with ACS-Biot is being negotiated.

As an independent organisation ESBES aims to bring better visibility for Biochemical Engineers at both the European and intercontinental scale. The relaunched society covers several highly dynamic fields of innovation in the industry, among them new reactor designs, metabolic engineering and synthetic biology, downstream processing, process and pathway modeling and enzyme development.

With members coming from from industry and academia, ESBES builds a common network for everyone involved in biochemical engineering to drive technology transfer on its own.

ESBES pools a high degree of expertise on its academic and industry background in five sections: downstream processing; biore­actor performance; biocatalysis; model­ling, monitoring, measurement & control; and bioenergy systems.

The 10th European Symposium on Biochemical Engineering Sciences linked with 6th International Forum on Industrial Bioprocesses are the next main events (Lille-France, September 2014) under the auspices of ESBES (

With the foundation of such body, the advancement of biochemical sciences across Europe is set to receive a major boost.

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