The European Federation of Chemical Engineering is a non-profit organization whose objectives are to serve the European Chemical Engineering community through support of the activities of its member societies in areas of education and training of chemical engineers; through promotion of collaboration in support of common goals and for the advancement of science and technology in general and chemical engineering in particular; through influence of the decision makers and opinion formers on matters of importance to the chemical engineering community.

It was founded in 1953 and currently there are 20 Working Parties (WPs) and 4 Sections whose delegates and representatives come from 39 member societies representing 33 member countries. More information on the EFCE may be found in the 60th anniversary brochure of the EFCE and on the EFCE website ( See also the special issue of Chemical Engineering Research & Design (Chemical Engineering Research and Design, Volume 91, Issue 10, October 2013,) celebrating the 60th anniversary of the EFCE. The bi-annual ECCE-ECAB conference series organized by the member societies on behalf of the EFCE is one of the major activities of the EFCE.


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