Process Intensification for safe and
sustainable process reindustrialization of Europe

Process Intensification, now well recognized as one of the most important recent developments in chemical engineering, provides innovative principles and methods to enable sustainable product manufacturing and answer global competition, government regulation and social accountability.

EPIC5 is the fifth Conference in the series of European Process Intensification Conferences that are held under the auspices of the EFCE Working Party on Process Intensification (WP PI). The previous EPIC conferences were held in Copenhagen (2007), Venice (2009), Manchester (2011) and The Hague (2013).

Integrated in the European Congress of Chemical Engineering, EPIC5 provides an excellent opportunity for academics, industrialists and technology providers to present the latest developments on Process Intensification in the academic and industrial sphere and communicate their present views and vision for the future to the largest possible audience.

Jean-Pierre BRUNELLE - Co-Chair of EPIC5 Scientific Committee
Michel CABASSUD - Co-Chair of EPIC5 Scientific Committee
Christophe GOURDON - Co-Chair of EPIC5 Scientific Committee

Scientific Committee

• Bora AYDIN, TECHNIP - Turkey
Hans-Jörg BART, University of Kaiserslautern - Germany
Anne-Marie BILLET, Chemical Engineering Lab., INP Toulouse - France
Kamelia BOODHOO, Newcastle University - UK
Jean-Pierre BRUNELLE, SOLVAY- France
Sylvie BRUNEL, Clextral - France
Sigurd BUCHOLZ, Bayer Technology Services - Germany
Michel CABASSUD, Chemical Engineering Lab., Paul Sabatier Univ. Toulouse - France
Philippe CASSAGNAU, Ingénierie des Matériaux Polymères, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 - France
Claude DE BELLEFON, Lab. Génie des Procédés Catalytiques, CPE Lyon - France
Mark J. DICKSON, Morgan Sindall - UK
Jean-Luc DUBOIS, ARKEMA - France
Christophe GOURDON, Chemical Engineering Lab., INP Toulouse - France
Christophe GROSSMANN, BASF - Germany
Jan HARMSEN, Harmsen Consultancy B.V. - Netherlands
Jean-François JOLY, IFPEN - France
Dirk KIRSCHNEK, Microinnova Engineering GmbH - Austria
Lioubov KIWI-MINSKER, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne - Switzerland
Francis LUCK, TOTAL - France
Xiong-Wei NI, Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh - UK
Jaap C. SCHOUTEN, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven - Netherlands
Andrzej STANKIEWICZ, Delft University of Technology - Netherlands
Georgios STEFANIDIS, K.U. Leuven - Belgium
Ilkka TURUNEN, Lappeenranta University of Technology - Finland
Tom VAN GERVEN, K.U. Leuven -Belgium


Batch to continuous

this theme examines the outcomes of using continuous process technologies (milli and/or micro equipments) with reduced scale and better heat and mass transfer control.


Hybrid process and multifunctional process

this theme features technologies that reduce the total number of process steps and equipments by combining functions or unit operations, thereby reducing operating costs and investment.

Energy activation

this theme focuses on both passive and active enhancement techniques for heat and/or mass transfer (ultrasound, microwaves, electric field, UV, laser, …).

Plant intensification

this theme considers optimal plant design and process integration of intensified technologies

Modular process

this theme considers arrangements of standardized and/or tailored modules providing operation flexibility and numbering-up.

Scale-up & industrial implementation of intensified technologies

this theme considers methodologies for equipment scale-up and the implementation of PI in industry.

Modelling and control of intensified processes

this theme examines modelling and control of intensified processes for a better robustness and reliability.

Sustainability and safety

this theme examines how PI contributes to the development of green and safe process engineering.

Dissemination and teaching of process intensification

this theme focuses on how to teach Process Intensification and how to diffuse the principles to industry.

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