With an ever growing population demanding more food and a better quality of life, the current and future demands are centered to provide products and technologies enabling more efficient energy production, clean water and air, active aging, and increased food quantity, security and quality.  ECAB3 poses this challenging question: “how can bioengineering contribute to these societal challenges?” Addressing this challenge, ECAB3 aims to shape and design the future of process technology and industrial biotechnology to develop future economic activities, based on efficient, clean and sustainable manufacturing.

The challenge is demanding and the aim is ambitious. If you can or wish to contribute to solving these challenges, the ESBES society encourages you to participate and present your work at ECAB3.

The European Congress of Applied Biotechnology (ECAB) is a well known series of conferences organized bi-annually by the European Society of Biochemical Engineering Sciences (ESBES) as a major activity to present, debate and discuss relevant topics and technologies related to industrial biotechnology and its contribution to sustainability.

As a society, ESBES stimulates scientific advances in the field of biochemical engineering and provides a platform for communication, education and interdisciplinary exchange in this important scientific discipline. ESBES provides an important conduit between industry and academia and fosters the cooperation of bioengineers from all over Europe and overseas.

ESBES organizes the ECAB conference in collaboration with the ECCE conference organised by the European Federation of Chemical Engineering. This joint venture extends the traditional topics of Chemical Engineering to include Biorefineries, Bioprocess Engineering, Bioseparations, Biofuels, Biomaterials, Algae biotechnology, Bio-based products and nanobiotechnology. With specific registration, ECAB brings innovative topics and activities to ECCE in bioengineering and industrial biotechnology to respond to major societal challenges.

Guiherme Ferreira - Chairman of ECAB3 Scientific Committee

Scientific Committee

ESBES members:

• Raquel AIRES-BARROS, Tecnico Lisboa - Portugal
• Jochen BÜCHS, RWTH Aachen University - Germany
• Joaquim CABRAL, Técnico Lisboa - Portugal
• Manuel CANOVAS, University of Murcia - Spain
• Michel EPPINK, University of Wageningen - Netherlands
• Guilherme FERREIRA, University of the Algarve & Royal DSM - Portugal
• Jarka GLASSEY, Newcastle University - UK
• Klaus GRAUMANN, Sandoz - Austria
• Chris HEWITT, Loughborough University - UK
• Sophia HOBER, Royal Institute of Technology - Sweden
• Jurgen HUBBUCH, KIT – Germany
• Philippe JACQUES, University of Lille - France
• Alois JUNGBAUER, Univ. of Natural Resources & Life Sciences, Vienna – Austria
• Andreas LÜBBERT, Martin-Luther-University - Germany
• Carl-Fredrik MANDENIUS, Linköping University - Sweden
• Sakis MANTHALARIS, Imperial College, London - UK
• Henk NOORMAN, Royal DSM, Delft - Netherlands
• Marcel OTTENS, TU Delft - Netherlands
• Ales PODGORNIK, Center of excellence for biosensors, instrumentation and process control, Solkan - Slovania
• Milan POLAKOVIC, Slovak University of Technology - Slovak Republic
• Clemens POSTEN, KIT - Germany
• Matthias REUSS, Institute for Biochemical Engineering, Univ. of Stuttgart Germany
• Andreas SCHMID, TU Dortmund - Germany
• Torsten SCHULZ, Boehringer - Germany
• Owen THOMAS, University of Birmingham - UK
• Luuk van der WIELEN, TU Delft - Netherlands
• Dirk WEUSTER-BOTZ, TU München - Germany
• John WOODLEY, DTU - Denmark

ACS-BIOT members:

• Scott BANTA, Columbia University - USA
• William KELLY, Villanova University - USA
• Todd PRZYBYCIEN , Carnegie-Mellon University - USA

SFGP members :

• Pascal DHULSTER, Lille1 University - France
• Carole JOUVE, INSA - Toulouse - France
• Romain KAPEL, University of Lorraine, Nancy - France
• Jean-Paul SIMON, Ingredia – France


  • biorefineries
  • bioenergy, biofuels&renewables
  • bioproducts (or bio-based products)
  • biopharmaceuticals
  • agro-food biotechnology
  • marine biotechnology, algae and photobiotechnology
  • PAT
  • systems biotechnology and metabolic engineering
  • biocatalysis and biotransformation
  • protein and enzyme stability
  • downstream processing
  • bioreactor engineering
  • modeling and control
  • biosensors
  • cell and tissue engineering
  • nanobiotechnology






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